Teaching Our Children The Love Of The Arts

In the grand scheme of education children need to have a well-rounded education that covers all aspects of life.  Topics such as Math, English, Science and History seem to be the primary focus in education these days.  The advancement of technology has demanded that computer and typing classes be offered but even these classes don’t engage the creativity of the child.  When teaching children more art programs such as childrens music los angeles ca, dance and writing should be introduced.

Art programs help make our children well rounded

Music classes allow children to learn more about the world then most people realize.  With a music class, children are taught to read, how to control their voices, follow a pattern and work as a group and as individuals.  With these basic skills our children are well prepared to take on issues in the future.

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Writing music

Writing music is a great skill.  What most people don’t realize is that music is a form of storytelling.  The next time that you listen to the song on the radio really listen to the words.  In country songs for example we are talking about love and life.  In pop we are talking about culture and society.  When writing music, students are able to tell a story from their own life.

Learning Emotions and Compassion

Music is an emotional medium.  When we listen to music we can connect with the lyrics, the melody and the combined feelings that we can then relate to.  In love songs and songs of loss we can feel compassion for the situation.  Through the words and melody, we can easily draw upon events in our own life or the lives of someone we know.  The most popular songs that do this have stood the test of time and have even driven people to take positive and in some cases negative actions.  No matter what your reaction to a song may be, allowing students the ability to express themselves through song will only make them stronger and more well-rounded individuals.