How To Catch The One That Didn’t Get Away

Fishing is a great way to pass your time on the water.  Taking out a boat and cruising the waters, hitting waves and possibly catching that wall hanging trophy is a dream of many fishermen.  The problem is finding just that sweet spot that will increase your odds.  Taking a charter fishing mobile al cruise is a great option for those looing to fish without all of the headache of owning and operating a boat.  For those looking to catch some fish here are some tips and tricks.


Find and experiment with different baits.  Throughout the day the fish will have a taste for different types of food.  Just like humans their tastes change, their moods change and the likelihood of catching a fish increases with the more options your give them.  Another tip is to sue larger bait for larger fish.  With the larger bait the smaller fish will ignore it.

Overcast vs Sunny days

When fishing consider going out on an overcast or rainy day.  When you take a trip on a boat during this time it might not be as pleasant as if you were to go on a sunny warm day, but depending on where you fish and what you are fishing for the rain and clouds may be a benefit to you.

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Take friends

Many professional fishermen will want to keep the group on the boat as small as possible.  This is done to ensure their odds of catching the big fish.  However, when chartering a boat, it isn’t always about catching the trophy, it is about spending the day on the water with friends and family.

Take photos

When on the water you will want to take photos and even video of your experience.  If this is the first time you are out on a charter and you catch a fish, you will want to have it save for prosperity and future stories for the grandkids.