Cool Things To Do In Dover Vermont

When traveling the country there are many wondrous places to visit and see.  When traveling to Dover Vermont the air was clean, the weather was inviting and our list was full of some great things to do.  So, if you are going to visit Vermont here are a list of some of the coolest things to do in dover vt.

Skyline Outlook

The Skyline Outlook is a great place to take in the scenery.  This location is on top of the mountains overlooking the majestic landscape of Vermont.  So, if you are looking for a romantic getaway or just a great place to take pictures consider the Skyline Outlook.

things to do in dover vt

Southern Vermont Natural History Museum

For people who want to get a little culture and learn about Vermont and the Natural History of the area this is a great place to visit.  The exhibits are really amazing and filled with little known history of Vermont.  If you are someone that is interested in learning more about everything check out this museum.

Honora Winery & Vineyard

If you are an adult and you like wine then this is a great place to visit.  The winery and vineyard will take you back to a simpler time.  With the tour and wine tasting it is a relaxing and enjoyable day that anyone of age can enjoy.

Snowmobile Vermont

For those looking for a little action and adventure taking a snowmobile out and explore the wonders of Vermont is a great way to spend the day.  Racing up and down hills and through natures trails is a great way to see parts of the state that isn’t accessible otherwise. 

Something for everybody

No matter if it is a glass of wine, a fast paced adventure through the forest or sitting overlooking a romantic view there is always something to do in Vermont.