Preparing for a Broadway Show

Traveling to New York City is a great adventure.  Walking through the city you will see a lot of amazing things.  You will see people dressed up in costumes, musicians playing on the street and a lot of lights and flashing signs.  One of the best parts of going to New York is taking in a Broadway Show.

Broadway Shows are great.  You will see live performers sing, dance and portray cool and interesting characters.  Before going to the show and writing your Broadway play reviews here are some little known facts I discovered while taking a trip to New York.

Giant meeting area

When going to a show there is a huge meeting area you will wait at.  Here you will wait outside of the theaters for the shows to open.  Then, like magic the doors to all the theaters will open at once allowing you entrance to the theaters.  It is a wild experience you can only see to believe.

No Photography

Broadway play reviews

Similar to a movie you will not be able to take photos or record video. Performances are recorded by the theater company and are their copyrighted material.  If you are caught you will be arrested.  So don’t risk it.  Put your phones in your pockets.


The playbills you receive are great collectors’ items for Broadway plays.  In these little books you will get behind the scene information, great coupons and even tips and tricks for your visit to the city. 

Be Respectful

When visiting a show be respectful.  The actors and actresses do this because it is their passion.  Be quiet while the performance is going on, don’t eat or drink food and when the show is over be sure to give them a standing ovation.  Taking your time to visit a Broadway show will be an experience you will keep with you forever.